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Micrometals is committed to supplying high quality, low cost soft magnetic core material to meet the needs of the electronics industry. As technology has changed, new shapes, sizes and materials have been introduced to become industry standards.

Micrometals manufactures three groups of core materials;

a) Iron powder cores for power conversion and line filter applications,
b) Iron powder cores for radio frequency applications, and
c) Magnetic alloy core materials for high temperature applications.

The iron powder group for power application covers materials with permeabilities from 10 to 100 intended for frequencies ranging from line frequency to 5MHz. Core sizes range from .14 inches (3.4mm) to 6.5 inches (165mm) with an extensive selection of shapes including toroids, E-cores, U-cores, bus bar cores, hollow cores, plain cores, pot cores and pot core assemblies. Typical applications include; DC output chokes, differential-mode input chokes, continuous-mode flyback inductors, light dimmer chokes and other EMI/RFI applications.

The iron powder group designed for radio frequency applications includes core materials with permeabilities ranging from 1 to 35 with frequency ranging from 10kHz to 500MHz (and beyond.)

Core sizes from .05 inches (1.3mm) to 5.2 inches (132mm) with shapes including:
  • toroids,
  • balun cores,
  • plain cores,
  • hollow cores,
  • sleeves,
  • threaded cores,
  • cups,
  • discs,
  • rectangular toroids
  • and squared bobbins.

Typical applications include high "Q" inductors from 50kHz to 500MHz and broadband transformers above 50MHz.

The magnetic alloy group of materials, trademarked the 200C Series, was officially introduced at the APEC conference in Dallas, Texas in March of 2002. This series is intended for, but not limited to high temperature applications. The first 2 materials in this series have 55 and 100 permeabilities with core sizes ranging from .16 inch (4mm) to 4 inch (102mm).

Introductory shapes include:

Projected applications include:

• toroids

• automotive (under hood)

• E-cores

• high density DC chokes

• low profile HC/IC cores

• high power UPS chokes

• PFC chokes

• industrial & transport motor drives

• military & aerospace inductors

• and 400Hz chokes

Iron powder as a core material has been widely used in RF application for years. The distributed air gap properties inherent in iron powder cores make them extremely well suited for a variety of energy storage inductor applications. Iron powder, as well as our new magnetic alloy materials, are a cost-effective design alternative to molypermalloy powder (MPP), high flux, or sendust cores. They can also be used in place of ferrite and iron-alloy laminations requiring a gap.


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